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About Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps are able to pull the heat that naturally sits just a little ways below the surface of your back yard into your home.  It’s that simple.  Even just a few yards down, the earth’s temperature is both warm and quite stable, so ground source heat pumps, also called geothermal heating and cooling systems, can bring effective heating and even hot water to your home.  Of course, ground source heat pumps are also renewable so you will not be using as much expensive fuel such as home heating oil or gas.  Recent advancements in technology and improvements in installation techniques have made ground source heat pump systems easier to install and longer lasting than ever before.  In fact, if you have been scared off by the potential cost of upkeep of home geothermal systems, you may be relieved to hear that many companies now offer 50 year or more warranties on the expensive parts – the pipes that are buried underground.

Ground Source Heat Pumps are naturally safe, with no exposed parts, and unlike home heating oil and gas there is no chance of an expensive leak or spill.  Since the source of your warm air is the earth, you don’t have to worry about something needing to be refilled!  The indoor parts of the ground source heat pump system take up less room than conventional systems, and tend to be even quieter than systems that burn gas or oil.

You will certainly get your money back as far as the cost of installation of a ground source heat pump, but as far as exactly how long this will take that depends on the cost of oil and gas in your area and also the temperature over those initial year and the installation level of your home.  After that you will be merely gaining in profit from your home geothermal heating and cooling system each month, and not only that but you’ve likely increased the resale value of your home in the process.

How Geothermal Heating and Cooling Works

A Ground Source Heat Pump has two major parts:

1. The indoor system which functions similarly to a conventional heating and cooling system, and
2. the outdoor piping that makes the geothermal heating and cooling aspect of this alternative energy system unique.

Those outdoor buried loops of piping uses the natural warmth of the soil to warm or cool the liquid flowing through the piping.  Put simply, when the ground source heat pump is charged with heating, it extracts some heat from the soil and deliver it through a pump to the whole home.  The way you are saving money is that as opposed to a conventional oil or gas burning furnace, your ground source heat pump does not have to create warmth, it merely has to harvest existing warmth.  Even in the middle of winter the soil just a few feet down, even in northern climates, has withheld some of the sun’s heating and the system can tap into that.  Ground source heat pumps still often has to use some electricity to boost the temperature of the warmth it’s getting from the earth, but since that warmth is already much hotter than the outside air, and already close enough to a healthy temperature.

As far as geothermal cooling – which many people remain surprised that ground source heat pumps can accomplish so well – keep in mind that the exact opposite of what is described above is also true.   In the summer the ground a few feet down is not blazing hot, but instead comfortably warm.  As opposed to a conventional air conditioning system the geothermal cooling system is not starting with 90 degree heat, but rather perhaps 60 degree warmth that it needs to warm a bit, or 870 degree heat that it needs to cool a bit.

Ground source heat pumps do not use zero electricity, oil or gas, but they do provide a way to start with air that is much more efficiently used and transformed into the comfortable air you are hoping for.  The savings can be very significant.   You actual savings will depend a lot on your latitude and climate in your area.

About Our Website

Ground Source Heat Pumps is an informational site designed to provide unbiased and independent information about geothermal heating systems to potential buyers of this technology.  We are not directly affiliated with any installer of ground source heat pumps or geothermal heating and cooling product of any kind, and do not accept solicitations for advertisements or promotions of any kind.  Our goal is to help you decide if this type of renewable and alternative home energy may be for you, and if so to help you get started as far as pursuing an install of a system.

In our view too few people realize how advanced the technology behind ground source heat pumps has become, and how easy these systems are to install.  They may think they are only for large buildings, or that you need a wide area to bury the pipes, or perhaps that your entire lawn must be ripped up so that the piping can be buried deep beneath the earth.  Some people think ground source heat pump systems are unreliable or incredibly expensive.  And many people do not realize that geothermal cooling is possible at all.  Some of this thinking may actually have been true only a few years back, but a lot has changed and now ground source heat pumps can bring effective and reliable heating and cooling to many homes.  We hope to show people that this is the case, and we hope the fact that we do not have a direct stake in whether people actually choose to install geothermal heating and cooling adds to our reliability.

We also have sister sites that cover other green home technologies, such as Condensing Boilers, and a parent site called Green Home Energy Today.  Our goal in all cases is to provide unbiased information  and advice to today’s homeowner who wants to save money and is considering an alternative and/or renewable energy system for his or her home.

Our site is divided into four sections in order to cover the most relevant information and advice about ground source heat pumps and everything else related to getting home geothermal:

- Our Homepage will provide the very latest news about geothermal heat pump systems, including advances in the technology, new methods of installation, news about potential incentives, and more about the advantages of home geothermal systems.

- Ground Source Heat Pump Q&A will be used to answer common questions about home geothermal systems, including and questions submitted by you, our visitors

- Ground Source Heat Pumps: The Benefits provides a comprehensive list of the advantages of geothermal heating systems, some of which may be obvious and others of which you may not have thought of.

- Ground Source Heat Pump Installation provides information and advice about the actual install of geothermal heating systems for the home

Thank you for visiting with us, and for your interest in this exciting renewable and alternative home energy technology!

Legal and Copyright

All information here about Ground Source Heat Pumps  and related topics is originally produced and therefore protected by copyright.  We only allow reproduction with permission.  At times we allow information to be published on other similar independent websites that cover alternative and renewable energy systems for the home, but only with prior permission and only with proper attribution.  Otherwise we reserve all rights.  Any material you submit in the comments section remains your property and we will not share it without your permission.  You retain the copyrights to that material.

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Ground Source Heat Pumps: Geothermal Heating and Cooling


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